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Perfectress Transformation Connections

Perfectress Transformation Connections

12:00pm, June 14, 2021

An absolute game changer for active women on the go! We’ve redefined the technique of applying hair extensions with our Transformation Connections. Using the latest technology, we’ve created a ring that’s covered from the inside out in 360 degrees of hair. This means hair on hair contact upon installation! They are designed to enhance the client’s natural hair with added volume, length, color and texture. Once secured in the natural hair, they will lay flat and remain unaffected by heat, sweat and hair products. This is a safe and reusable system. With proper care and maintenance, Transformation Connections grant clients the luxury of reusing the extensions for an entire year.

Event Info:
  • ARTIST:Perfectress
  • CLASS:Hair Extensions Certification
  • COST:$99.00
Date & Time
  • WHEN:12:00pm
  • DATE:June 14, 2021
  • DAY:Monday
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