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R+Co Digital Masterclass 2

R+Co Digital Masterclass 2

12:00pm, June 28, 2021

For 2021, join The Master: Sylvestre Finold, @sylvestre_finold. A London-based artist, Finold has gained notoriety through not only his editorial work, but also through such accolades as British Avant-garde Hairdresser of the Year (‘18 + ‘20), AIPP (‘18 + ‘19) and International Hairdresser Winner (‘18 + ‘19). Join Finold as he guides you through four R+Co Master Classes that explore techniques that can be applied both in the salon and to editorial work. The final class will be a culmination of all skills learned to help you create your own editorial look.

Event Info:
  • ARTIST:Sylvestre Finold
  • CLASS:Presentations
  • COST:$0.00
Date & Time
  • WHEN:12:00pm
  • DATE:June 28, 2021
  • DAY:Monday
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