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Carmen DePasquale, born and raised in Paterson, NJ, came back from serving in the US Air Force in the mid 1960’s and began to search for a “career.” Unsure of quite what he wanted to do, and influenced by members of his family in the beauty industry, DePasquale became a stylist. It was a time of great transition and new possibilities; the world of beauty was transforming at a fast pace and his entrepreneurial spirit was ignited! Being a stylist gave DePasquale the tools necessary to build his empire, the eponymous DePasquale Companies, whose portfolio includes six vertically integrated subsidiaries, encompassing the spa/ salon, cosmetology education, distributorship and manufacturing sides of the business. Referring to them as the “DePasquale Circle of Beauty,” they include: DePasquale The Spa, DePasquale Salon Systems, Artistic Academy of Hair Design, ECRU New York and Lakme USA.

DePasquale Companies:
DePasquale The Spa (Morris Plains, NJ) is a revolutionary beauty and wellness destination widely recognized for its design artistry. The spa pioneered a wellness approach that treats conditions while working in harmony with physicians. DePasquale Salon Systems, a professional beauty distributorship, provides professional products, services, and education to salons and spas along the East Coast. Artistic Academy of Hair Design, a progressive cosmetology school that sets students up for success on the technical and interpersonal aspects of the business. The school not only provides best-in-class stylists for its own salon/spa, but also for the thousands of licensed salons within the tri-state area. The manufacturing side of the business features, ECRU New York, a prestige collection of curated hair and beauty products that treat and perform and Little Green, a safe, gentle, and pure children’s collection. DePasquale also licenses professional brand Lakme USA; a hair color collection with color safe styling products from Spain.

Over the years, DePasquale has received remarkable accolades and honors, including the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation’s Crystal Ball Award, the Columbus Foundation’s Man of the Year Award, the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Hall of Leaders induction, and the Spirit of Life award from the City of Hope. DePasquale’s collections have also won multiple awards for product innovation and marketing.

Beyond his passion for entrepreneurship, DePasquale is a philanthropist. Giving back has always been important to DePasquale, and, as such, he actively gives to City of Hope, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, St. Jude, The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society, Look Good Feel Better and Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and St. Claire’s Cancer Research Center.

DePasquale, who is a father of four and a grandfather of twelve, currently resides in New Jersey with his wife, Janice.


In 1994 Joe Mastalia came to DePasquale Salon Systems (DSS), a professional beauty distributorship that provides professional products, services, and education to salons and spas along the east Coast. As an operations Manager, Mastalia brought new ideas and energy while setting unprecedented goals for expanding the distributorship.

Mastalia said, “Selling myself first, concept second and then the product that I believe in. My goals are to sell more each year and to make success stories of other team members. Success is mandatory, not an option! I enjoy long term business relationships with both clients and fellow colleagues at DePasquale Companies. Honesty and integrity, two qualities I learned from both my parents. I understand numbers and realize that the most important aspect of a successful business is profit. Another quality that I believe that I possess is that I am an excellent communicator who also leads by example.”

Over the course of his career at DSS, Mastalia met each aspiration with his signature “hands-on” approach to business and, by doing so, effectively doubled the DSS sales force as well as company sales.

In 2004, after more than a decade of loyal and markedly successful service to the distributorship, Mastalia was appointed President of DePasquale Salon Systems, the first-ever in DSS’ expansive history.

According to company owner Carmen DePasquale, “Joe is truly an exceptional person. His blood runs hot, filled with passion and the desire to be the most he can be. Passion with desire, integrity with loyalty – that formula will build any company. I’m glad he leads mine.”

In 2008, Mastalia became the President of Lakme USA, a hair color collection with color safe styling products. His Lakme USA goal is to have distribution throughout the USA. Mastalia was a former board member of Cosmoprof North America and is currently a board member of ICMAD.

In 2014, Mastalia was honored with a BMA Award for Leadership and Distribution. Currently, Mastalia helps lead DSS and Lakme USA to new sales heights.

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